About Green Bee Farm

GBF is a family run mini farm. Bruce and Judy Kaufman are the proprietors and main weeders.

We grow vegetables and fruits, raise chickens for eggs, and have bees for pollination and honey.

We grow all our vegetables with no chemical pesticides. This protects our bees and other pollinators when they gather pollen and nectar. And we enrich our soil with compost and aged chicken poop (from our chickens).

Our eggs: Each carton of 12 contains only large (56.6 grams) or heavier eggs.

What We Grow

We grow your typical fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, greens, corn, potatoes, pumpkins,  black and red currants, and raspberries (for GBF jams). And we always try new things and varieties each year.

Cinderella pumpkin

Our chickens spend all day running around their yard digging up stuff to eat, laying eggs (hopefully in their nesting boxes), and chilling out. They have a bin of organic grains (no soy added) to eat as well.

We keep Carniolan honey bees and have between 3 and 6 bee hives at any given time. The bees keep our veggies and fruit trees (and our neighbor’s plants) very well pollinated as well as providing us with excellent honey.

A queen bee on a frame

HOURS: Farm Market: Closed Now

We try to open the farm market by June and close in September. The market is in the garage with the Green Bee Farm sign on Palouse Hwy.

Garage Farm Stand
Bruce inspecting a bee hive
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