Walla Walla Onions and Yukon Gold Potatoes

The headline says it all: onions and potatoes harvested on the Green Bee farm this week and will make their debut today in the GBF market. Come and get these organically and sustainably grown veggies (pesticide and chemical free fertilizer) along with the following other products.

In the market today

Fresh Eggs ($6.75 / dozen)

Raw Honey ($12 / 1 lb. Glass Jar)

Walla Walla Onions ($3 / lb.)

Yukon Gold Potatoes ($3 / lb.)

Bagged Basil Leaves – washed and ready to use. ($5 / packed 2 cup bag)

Bagged fresh Lettuce – washed and ready to use. ($4 / 6 oz. bag),

Garlic ($2 / Head)

Black Currant Jam ($15 / pt.),

Red Currant Jam ($8 / half pt.)

Raspberry Sauce ($8 / half pt.).

Sour Cherry and Red Currant Jam ($10 / half pt.)

Market Hours: Every Wednesday 4 to 6 PM