At The Green Bee Market Today

The blueberry bushes continue to ripen wonderful berries. See the rest of available products below.

I’ve been picking the Walla Walla sweet onions and they are curing. Probably in the market in a week or so. And the Yukon Gold potatoes may be ready in two to four weeks. And the tomatoes and tomatillos? We’ll see ……..

Below is a cheesecake I made for Judy’s birthday, topped with GBF Sour Cherry and Currant Jam. Also some of the lettuce that will be bagged and sold in market today. Stop by and get a free bottle of ice cold water.


In the market today

Raw Honey ($12/ 1 lb. Glass Jar)

Fresh Blueberries ($5/ pt.)

Bagged Basil Leaves – washed and ready to use. ($5 / packed 2 cup bag)

Bagged fresh Lettuce -washed and ready to use. ($4 for 6 oz. bag),

Garlic ($2/Head)

Black Currant Jam($15/pt.),

Red Currant Jam($8/ half pt.)

Raspberry Sauce($8/ half pt.).

Sour Cherry and Red Currant Jam($10/ half pt.).

Market Hours: Every Wednesday 4 to 6 PM