Farm Market Today!

New to market today – Fresh Basil leaves, washed, bagged, and ready to use. Make pesto or sprinkle leaves on your salad or favorite dish. This week’s bagged lettuce contains several new baby lettuces which are ready for picking and will be included in this weeks offering.

Coming up, the Walla-Walla onions are just beginning to be ready for picking but will be spending a week or so curing.

In the market today

Raw Honey ($12/ 1 lb. Glass Jar)

Fresh Blueberries ($5/ pt.)

Bagged Basil Leaves – washed and ready to use. ($5 / packed 2 cup bag)

Garlic ($2/Head)

Bagged lettuce -washed and ready to use. ($4 for 6 oz. bag),

Black Currant Jam($15/pt.),

Red Currant Jam($8/ half pt.)

Raspberry Sauce($8/ half pt.).

Sour Cherry and Red Currant Jam($10/ half pt.).

Market Hours: Every Wednesday 4 to 6 PM

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