At the GBF Market this Week

This Wednesday, July 27th, at the GBF market, the first person to buy a dozen eggs ($6.75), gets a bonus egg: a jumbo egg weighing 90 grams (USDA says a jumbo must be at least 2.5 oz. or 70.9 grams). Market will be open from 4 PM to 6 PM. Past performance indicates this egg is probably a double yolk, but past performance does not mean this egg is a double yolk.

Also in the market tomorrow, fresh raspberries and blueberries (both $5/pt). Also butterhead lettuce ($2/head), green onions ($2/bunch). And our growing list of jams and sauces: Black Currant Jam($15/pt.), Red Currant Jam($8/ half pt.) and Raspberry Sauce($8/ half pt.). And a new product: Sour Cherry and Red Currant Jam($10/ half pt.). And every customer can have a small sprig of fresh sage (if you only have had dried sage, then you will be shocked at the difference).

Last week, my bee hive inspection, reveled the bees almost have a full box of honey for me. For me to process it, I wait until the bees have capped all the honey. The bees cap (seal the cell of honey) when they get the water content of honey down to about 16%. The bees know that if the water content is higher than 18% it is susceptible to spoilage. I use a “honey refractometer” to make sure my honey is at 16% and I’ve never found the bees to make a mistake. So I’m hoping that we’ll have honey in the market within the next 2 weeks. Watch this page for updates!