Berry, Berry Good News

Serving Suggestion: Waffles with Black Currant Jam

I’ve been picking berries this week: Black and Red Currants, and raspberries. Also picking the sour cherries. And then in the kitchen I’ve been making Black Currant Jam($15/pt.), Red Currant Jam($8/ half pt.) and Raspberry Sauce($8/ half pt.). And a new product: Sour Cherry and Red Currant Jam($10/ half pt.) . All will be available in the market stand today for 4 to 6 PM. Plus GBF fresh eggs($6,75/dz.), Butterhead Lettuce($4/head), fresh raspberries($5/pt), and green onions ($2/bunch).

Serving Suggestion: Roast Beef Sandwich with Sour Cherry Jam

In other news Green Bee Farm and other farms in the South Spokane Farm Corridor are co-sponsoring the first Tour De Farms with Wheel Sport Bicycles on Saturday, July 30th. GBF will be open from 9 to Noon but the fun ride goes on all day. Details at Wheel Sports Bicycles or click here: