And the strawberries continue to ripen!

Today’s market, 4 to 6 PM will feature fresh ripe strawberries, picked this morning. Also the last of the garlic scapes (the scapes have to be removed so that the garlic plant focusses its’ energy on the new garlic head instead of making garlic seeds), fresh Butterhead lettuce, and, of course, our GBF fresh eggs.

I was weeding the asparagus patch this week to the hum of my bees, who were gathering bright orange asparagus pollen and nectar. The bees are twice as large as the insignificant asparagus flower so it is with great tenacity that the bees reach in to get the nectar.

Looks like next week I’ll be picking red and black currant berries. The lavender bushes are near the currant bushes and I suspect the lavender flowers will be in full bloom, so the bees will be keeping me company.