The chickens are producing some great eggs this season, including some jumbo eggs (any egg weighing more than 70 grams). The one in the photo weighed in at 83 grams. In case you are wondering, it was a double yolk and went in a wonderfully moist chocolate cake last weekend.

Last fall I planted winter rye to add nitrogen back into the soil. Before it goes to seed this spring (and gives the nitrogen to the seeds), I’ll chop it off at the soil, and use the greens for a top dressing for the summer plants. No need to buy expensive artificial fertilizer at Green Bee Farm.

This cooler weather has slowed down the growth of spring veggies but we hope to see an increased growth as the temperature rises. Here’s hoping for a great season! 

Can you pick out the jumbo egg?
83 grams on the scale. But on 5/19 she laid one that came in at 92 grams!
Winter rye in early April

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