Hoop Houses

We have six hoop houses and this winter there is mainly kale and swiss chard along with lettuce, spinach, radishes, and a large rosemary bush. When they are not covered in snow, we’ll cut some greens for the chickens, to add a little variety to their diet. When it snows, it gives the plants some insulation, so unless the snow weighs too much, we leave it alone.

The hoop houses last November, 2021
Hoop houses under snow, January 4, 2022

One thought on “Hoop Houses

  1. Bruce

    The snow has melted off my hoop houses so I opened them up and watered the plants. Kale and Swiss Chard is doing good; so the chickens got a nice snack. The lettuce and radishes are hanging in and the spinach (which I planted late, about November), are barely there but if they can live until March, I would bet they’ll take off. Also a whole lot of cotyledons in one bed. I suspect I spilled some seeds. They look exactly like they did last time I opened the hoop houses so I hope they spent the last month or so growing roots.